InTeching Projector Remote Control for Epson 2181788


  • Fully functioning, brand new and durable replacement remote control, works out of package
  • Well responsive to every key press, ensuring the projector operates as expected without any hassle
  • A perfect replacement to your old or lost remote control; less cost with solid quality and better usage experience
  • Warranty as long as 12 months (From Date of Purchase); professional and nice customer service: messages will be replied by well-trained support team within 24 hours
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (NOT Included); compatible with Epson EX3260, EX5260, VS250, VS350, VS355, Home Cinema 1060, Home Cinema 660, Home Cinema 760, PowerLite 107, PowerLite 108, PowerLite 109W, PowerLite 1266, PowerLite 1286, PowerLite 2042, PowerLite 2142W, PowerLite 2247U, PowerLite 970, PowerLite 980W, PowerLite 990U, PowerLite S39, PowerLite S41+, PowerLite W05+, PowerLite W39, PowerLite W42+, PowerLite X05+, PowerLite X41+, PowerLite X39, PowerLite U42+, Pro EX7260, Pro EX9210 projectors

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Brand new projector remote control, no programming, paring or setting is needed. Just put in new batteries (NOT Included), it will work reliably.

Supported projectors: 

Epson EX3260
Epson EX5260
Epson Home Cinema 1060
Epson Home Cinema 660
Epson Home Cinema 760
Epson PowerLite 107
Epson PowerLite 108
Epson PowerLite 109W
Epson PowerLite 1266
Epson PowerLite 1286
Epson PowerLite 2042
Epson PowerLite 2142W
Epson PowerLite 2247U
Epson PowerLite 970
Epson PowerLite 980W
Epson PowerLite 990U
Epson PowerLite S39
Epson PowerLite S41+
Epson PowerLite W05+
Epson PowerLite W39
Epson PowerLite W42+
Epson PowerLite X05+
Epson PowerLite X41+
Epson PowerLite X39
Epson PowerLite U42+
Epson Pro EX7260
Epson Pro EX9210
Epson Pro EX9220
Epson VS250
Epson VS350
Epson VS355
Epson EB-108
Epson EB-2042
Epson EB-2142W
Epson EB-2247U
Epson EB-960W
Epson EB-970
Epson EB-980W
Epson EB-990U
Epson EB-S39
Epson EB-S41
Epson EB-U42
Epson EB-W05
Epson EB-W140
Epson EB-W39
Epson EB-X39
Epson EB-X41
Epson EB-X450
Epson EH-TW610
Epson EH-TW650

Notice: Make sure there’s no obstacle between the remote control and projector when operating the device.

Warranty: Refund available within 30 days, replacement available within 365 days from order date.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 5 cm


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