InTeching Projector Remote Control for Sanyo CXTD


  • Fully functioning, brand new and durable replacement remote control, works out of packaging. 
  • Well responsive to every key press, ensuring the projector operates as expected without any hassles. 
  • A perfect replacement to your old or lost remote control; less cost with solid quality and better usage experience. 
  • Warranty as long as 12 months (From Date of Purchase); professional and nice customer service: messages will be replied by well-trained support team within 24 hours. 
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (NOT Included); compatible with Sanyo PLC-SU70, PLC-WXE45, PLC-WXL46, PLC-XE45, PLC-XL50, PLC-XL50A, PLC-XU100, PLC-XU101, PLC-XU101K, PLC-XU105, PLC-XU70, PLC-XU73, PLC-XU74, PLC-XU75, PLC-XU78, PLC-XW50, PLC-XW55, PLC-XW55A, PLC-XW56, PLC-XW57, PLC-XW60, PLC-XW60K, PLC-XW65, PLC-XW65K projectors. 

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Brand new projector remote control, no programming, paring or setting is needed. Just put in new batteries (NOT Included), it will work reliably.

Supported projectors:

Sanyo PLC-SU70
Sanyo PLC-WXE45
Sanyo PLC-WXL46
Sanyo PLC-XE45
Sanyo PLC-XL50
Sanyo PLC-XL50A
Sanyo PLC-XU100
Sanyo PLC-XU101
Sanyo PLC-XU101K
Sanyo PLC-XU105
Sanyo PLC-XU70
Sanyo PLC-XU73
Sanyo PLC-XU74
Sanyo PLC-XU75
Sanyo PLC-XU78
Sanyo PLC-XW50
Sanyo PLC-XW55
Sanyo PLC-XW55A
Sanyo PLC-XW56
Sanyo PLC-XW57
Sanyo PLC-XW60
Sanyo PLC-XW60K
Sanyo PLC-XW65
Sanyo PLC-XW65K

Notice: Make sure there’s no obstacle between the remote control and projector when operating the device.

Warranty: Refund available within 30 days, replacement available within 12 months from order date.

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm


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